Kostyukovichy Local History Museum

The museum was founded on 18 June 1973 on the basis the funds of the Military Glory Museum There are currently two exhibitions. The hall "Nature” present the sections: the origin of the Earth, the life evolution on the Earth, geology, flora and fauna of the district, environmental protection, and geomorphology. The 2nd exposition hall «The History of the Homeland» consists of the following sections: archaeology and ancient history, the medieval history, the district as a part the Mogilyov province, ethnography and everyday life, education, revolutionary movement and the foundation of Soviet power, the Great Patriotic War, the socio-economic development of the land, the Chernobyl tragedy, famous countrypeople, and spiritual heritage. The main fund of the museum has more than 16000 items of storage, scientific and auxiliary — more than 7000. The museum presents collections of archeological findings, old-printed books and editions, photos, documents, articles of daily life, painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative applied arts, numismatics, bonistics, etc. Among the rare pieces, the most valuable are folk costumes, folk towels, costumes of the early 20th century gymnasium teachers, documents and private belongings of the poet A. Kuleshov, the writer I. Chigrinov, the Belarusian poet A. Pismenkov, the paintings of A. Barkhatkov, books signed by authors and others. On the basis of the museum, there is the socio-political center for regular round tables, seminars, meetings with veterans and famous countrypeople, creative evenings. The structure of the institution includes a branch of the Literary Museum of the People's Poet of Belarus A. A. Kuleshov (agro-town Novye Samotevichi, Kostyukovichi district).